At a previous meeting, we discussed the requirements of a small diorama project. The purpose of this project is to have any of our interested members build a small diorama in whatever scale they choose. A small rail related subject should be chosen. There is no specific size, just large or small enough for the subject chosen. The intent is to gather and photograph all of the completed dioramas at our September meeting for an NER Coupler magazine article. It was suggested that they also be displayed at the NER Convention this Fall. The only requirement is that they be self-contained on a light base. With that in mind pink foam and green foam material is available. You can also supply your own. If you are interested, please drop Bob Earle a line.  This project should be completed in time for the September meeting (bring it with you to the September meeting). Any members who would like to share the progress of their dioramas with the others, please send photos and/or text to this site’s web administrator. These will be posted on this page for all to see.

The following four photos represent my work so far on my Diorama. These photos show my representation of the Hammondsport New York end of the Bath & Hammondsport RR in upstate New York. The base is 23″ X 23″. So far, the track and the two-story station are in place. I still have to add scenery and the water for Keuka Lake which is nearby.

The following three photos are of the actual two-story station at Hammondsport at various times in its history. I believe that today the depot is used to house village services.


An example of Bob Earle’s Division Project scene appears below.

This module depicts a siding on the Erie/Erie Lackawanna Crawford branch in Pine Bush, New York. Starting with a foam base, the track was laid first diagonally across the piece. The road was built up using thin foam. Electrostatic grass was used. The road and truck pull-off areas were painted with acrylic craft paints. An Ulrich Erie 2 bay hopper with a Walther’s coal conveyor and truck with model coal came next. This diorama was made with a commercially available fall foliage tree which had plenty of excess leaf material in the box which was sprinkled under the tree. The model has been in a box in the basement for several years. The once bright fall “leaves” have faded, and the tree had apparently been attacked by spiders using the branches for nests. Thanks to Henry Kramer and Bob Demkowicz for the photographs.