Whether you are 100% immersed in model railroading, or are a casual model railroader, or just getting started in the hobby, you can enjoy the benefits of membership in the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). The NMRA is a worldwide organization of 18,000 members who are dedicated to helping model railroaders fully enjoy their hobby. NMRA membership brings you these benefits:

  1. Members receive generous discounts from manufacturers
  2. NMRA Publications
  3. Model Railroad Directory
  4. Online Archives featuring photos, diagrams and art
  5. National and Regional Conventions
  6. Property insurance for collections, layouts and more
  7. Club liability insurance
  8. Online video library
  9. And much more

To learn more about NMRA programs and becoming an NMRA member, access the NMRA website at

To learn more about the Northeastern Region (NER) of the NMRA, go to