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Newsletter of the NMRA-NER’s Hudson Valley Division



Volume 16   Issue 4

August 23, 2023


Welcome aboard!                                                                                       Editor Bill Arm

Bob Earle again provided notes from the meeting helping to avoid omitting details. 

August 23, 2023, a meeting was held at The Hopewell Junction Depot Museum located at 36 Railroad Ave., Hopewell Junction, NY 12533.  The station is a restored Railroad station, now a museum where the Newburgh, Dutchess and Connecticut Railroad met the New York and New England Railroad and Dutchess County Railroad.  The eastern portion of trackage was last used by the New York New Haven Railroad during the days of the Maybrook Line. 

Meeting Highlights

Our standard division business meeting was conducted by Bob Robbins and began at 10:49. The meeting was attended by 16 members and 2 guests.

Bob Yustein  provided an update on our website activity.  As of our last meeting we have not received any emails requesting information about our division, however, given our plans to make improvements to include a link to additional slide photos changing every 4 to 5 seconds from past and future clinics and activities, we anticipate interest will improve. Bob Earle suggested a time limit of 12 to 15 minutes for the presentation.  Our current policy for those wishing to inquire about our division is to contact us by a general email at the address on our web site.  The email would then be reviewed and forwarded if applicable.  Thank you for this effort.

The meeting began at 10:49 a.m.  Most meetings are scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. to allow more time for afternoon activities.

Our next meeting will also include nomination and voting for director positions for the upcoming year.  Currently all but one of the existing directors have agreed to serve another year.  Our division will need one new director from the west side of the Hudson.

Our division’s participation in The November 5, 2023, Poughkeepsie Model Railroad show will also be discussed.  Currently our division will have a small table with a multi-gauge test track staffed by our members for those folks buying new or used locomotives to allow testing before taking them home.  We will also be hoping to attract new members through conversation about the benefits of NMRA membership and our division.

Show & Tell

The following dioramas were displayed by the builders and will be shown at the upcoming NMRA NER Convention “Cannonball Express” at The Long Island Marriott in Uniondale L.I., N.Y.  October 5 – 8, 2023.

The Bath & Hammondsport Station built by Bob Yustein

Photo by Bob Demkowitz 

Bob Earle displayed a diorama depicting a Coal hopper being unloaded in Pine Bush, NY

Photo by Bob Demkowitz   

 Dennis Colucci displayed an N Scale diorama (a work in progress) depicting street running in an industrial area completely scratch built using Styrene.  Impressive!                                               

Photo by Bob Demkowitz


Bob Robbins was kind enough to provide two dioramas built by George Marshall for display at the NER convention.

Dennis presented a clinic on weathering freight cars using oils & powders.  The car used for presentation was “O” gauge to make the techniques easier for all to observe.

Dennis will also use acrylics in this process. However, the oil drying time is longer allowing adjustments to be made before the paint sets.

In this first photo, Dennis applies a small dot of titanium white oil pigment that will then be spread very thin using a wider brush to create the initial fading of the fresh paint.

Photo by Bob Demkowitz

Using powders created by scraping inexpensive pastels into a bowl and mixing the powders begins the rusting process. Dennis removed the axles from the trucks before applying powders and/or paint to the trucks.

Photo by Bob Demkowitz

Dennis suggested he can complete the weathering of the average freight car in about 1 hour +/-.

If several cars are to be weathered, he waits until all cars have received paint & powders and then applies Dulcote to all units at one time. This procedure saves clean-up time for an air brush.

Bob Robbins discussed the NMRA Achievement program including the “Golden Spike” award for initial progress toward Master Model Railroad status.

Henry Kramer recently received his Golden Spike award from the NMRA as he considers pursuing his MMR in the future.  Congratulations Henry!

Bob Robbins submitted three dioramas built by George Marshall that Henry will take for display at the NER Convention.

Our division was again invited to join the Newburg club’s annual Christmas dinner in Walden, NY.  (Date to be announced).

Meeting adjourned @ 11:49 a.m.

Several members had the opportunity to see John Noll’s HO layout after the meeting.  Many times, when we show off our handywork things do not always go as planned, This time everything worked!  Good show John.

Our next stop will be October 21st at 10:00 a.m. at The Hyde Park Railroad station in Hyde Park NY.   The station is located at 34 River Rd, Hyde Park, NY 12538   

Reminders & Future Events

The Ontario & Western banquet is scheduled to be held Saturday, September 30.  Bob Earle has provided us with a separate email with details for this occasion.  We will be permitted to have an NMRA table free of charge, However each of us must buy admission tickets. 

NMRA NER Convention – will be held at the Long Island Marriott in Uniondale L.I., N.Y.  October 5-8, 2023. 

For additional information go to the website, select Regional Conventions, then select Northeastern Region.

Henry Kramer will be attending the NMRA NER Convention and will transport and display any dioramas from our members.  Please present these dioramas in boxes to help prevent damage in transit.

Scott Myer will be presenting a clinic on light weight module construction technics at the NER convention Friday & Saturday, October 6th & 7th.  (Time TBD as of 8/23/2023.)

Poughkeepsie, Model Railroad show, November 5th at the Poughkeepsie Civic Center,

10:00 – 3:00 pm14 Civic Center Plaza Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Our division will be staffing a test track and providing information about the NMRA.

Greenberg Train Show in Edison, NJ  Sat/Sun November 25th & 26th

New Jersey Expo Center, 97 Sunfield Ave, Edison, NJ 08837. This show is very well attended.

The Great Train Extravaganza  Albany Train Show at the(“Egg”) December 3rd

10:00 a.m. to 4 :00 p.m. at the Empire State Plaza.


March 18, 2023


Welcome aboard!                                                                                        Editor Bill Arm

Our March 18, 2023, our meeting was held at The Olde Newburgh Model Railroad club in Walden, NY. The club is located in the VFW, Post 2946 building, 4-8 Oak Street, 3rd Floor. The club is home to both HO & N scale layouts on the third floor. The club meets on Wednesday evenings and welcomes visitors. We had 17 members in attendance.

Reminder, next stop will be Sunday May 21st at The Catskill Mountains Society of Model Railroad Engineers (See page 3 for time and address).

Our standard division business meeting was conducted by Superintendent Robert Robbins followed by a presentation by Henry Kramer on Neopixels.

What is a “Neopixel?”

The neopixel is effectively a small device located on either edge of a disc smaller than a dime that will glow when controlled through the use of an inexpensive Arduino microprocessor.

Controlled current flow will produce a variety of lighting effects through sequencing commands programed into the Arduino.

Using Power Point Henry provided details on how the Neopixels are wired, possible power supplies and a brief discussion on the Arduino microprocessor. If you have questions, contact Henry Kramer.

Henry demonstrated several different lighting effects that could be created using neopixels attached to a rod for the demonstration, sequencing on/off lighting and color variations as well as a group of neopixels simulating an electric welding operation and a campfire.

Thank you, Henry, for a job well done.

Following the presentation, we were able to view and discuss both the HO Lighted Ticket Booth made by Henry and a loading dock shown below that was made by Scott Meyer,

Fully lighted Ticket Booth for the club Driven-In made by Henry Kramer.

Loading Dock made by Scott Meyer.

Scott has since documented the construction of this project and submitted it for publication. Scott’s detailed article can be found in the May 2023 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine, (Pg 68). Excellent work Scott!

John Kenney showed ON2 switches he makes from scratch in various states of assembly, Bill Bahr had a Northern Pacific reefer modelling a very similar car when local families would group together and order a car of wine grapes and John ? showed a small diorama based upon the Erie’s Linden, New Jersey freight station. We also discussed our website options.

Our next meeting is scheduled to be held at The Catskill Society of Model Engineers located at 11 Maple Street, Liberty, New York on Sunday May 21st, beginning at 11:00am.

Park in the lot across from building and walk down the alley, the name is on the building. (This statement may make more sense when you see it.)

Elliot Fishbein will present an introduction to “Operations” followed by an opportunity to apply your newfound knowledge running trains on the layout. For those that have never been to this club it is “Museum Quality” and worth the visit.

Don’t forget to bring your project to show everyone.

Newsletter of the NMRA-NER’s Hudson Valley Division

Editor Bob Robbins MMR

Volume 16   Issue 7

July 4, 2022

Our meeting on June 11, 2022 was held at the Newburgh Model Railroad Club in Walden. This is a great facility for a model railroad meeting since there are two layouts in the room. We had 12 members present (something we need to work on). Bob Earle gave us minutes from last meeting and treasurer’s report, we have a balance of $1108.26.

Under old business we heard that the test track project is coming along and will be ready for show in November. Jack Bartman brought us up to date with some ideas to increase membership and will be further explored. The exercise of calling past members did not work out very well and will be moving on. I also brought up our need for an editor for our newsletter. Bob Yustein has stepped up and has undertaken the development of our web page. He asks members to please submit a picture and write up of a model railroading project you have completed for our web page. The address is and for our web page Bob Yustein’s address is that is r first then n even though it looks like m.

Under new business I brought up a few ideas that we might move on, ie, a member takes the responsibility for the program for a meeting, lines up a clinic, has a guest speaker, or sponsors a trip to a railroad related subject. For example, have a Holiday Banquet or maybe have a joint meeting with another division.

The meeting adjourned and we ran trains on the layout in the room. Enclosed are some pictures of some guys layout in Stony Point

Until next time Bob