Hudson Valley Division
Minutes of March 9, 2024

The meeting was held on Saturday, March 9th at Newburgh Free Library. Staff at the Library said that
they are willing to hold a future meeting for our organization. Henry Kramer called the meeting to order
at 10:10am. There were 14 members attending and 6 guests. Thought the meeting was well attended.
Jack Bartman renewed his membership to the NMRA. Since all members received last month’s minutes before the meeting a motion was made to dispense with reading last month’s minutes. The motion was carried by unanimous consent. A motion was made to accept the minutes without corrections or additions and that motion was also passed unanimously.

John Noll gave the Treasurer’s Report. No activity has been done since last month’s report and our
current balance remains at $1,195.09. The treasurer’s report was accepted without corrections or
additions by the members.

The Newsletter Report by Bill Arm: Next newsletter will be published in early May and he requested
that articles be submitted before the end of April.

The Webmaster’s Report was given by Bob Yustein. The number of hits has increased recently. Bob
created sections on the site to include Local clubs, Train Museums, Train History Organizations, Local
Train Rides. There are now links to various social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.

Topic was brought up about people interested in donating items to the club. Henry stated that we are a
501(c)(3) and can accept donations, but we should not evaluate or appraise items. Additionally, we do
not have a NYS Tax ID so that is preventing us from selling at local shows.

AP Report – Earl White:
Henry handed out the requirements for the Golden Spike. This is a first step toward the MMR but not
required. This is simple a checklist of tasks you need to have completed on your layout and then just
have Earl verify they were completed.

The MMR (Master Model Railroader) has more requirements. To qualify you need to complete seven
certificates and have at least one from each of the four areas. Henry suggested that you create a
notebook and list all the required certificates you are working toward. Some of the certificates are
objective only, however some also have a subjective component. The requirements that require
evaluation are based on a 125-point scale. To successfully qualify you need to obtain at least 87.5 points
to pass. This is designed to improve your skills.

Upcoming Events:

  • NERx – March 18-21. Zoom meetings with clinics starting at 6:30 to 10:30pm. You can pick and
    choose what clinic you wish to attend.
  • Kingston Train Show March 24th. Show starts at 10am and we can start setting up around 8 am. Have requested 2 – 8ft tables. Will have Scott’s module and the Timesaver module from Frank Steen. Will also have the PowerPoint video. Will bring the Test Track but leave in truck. If needed will have available but will need additional space. Will require 2 NMRA members to man the table. Check in when there to see what time you can assist at our table.
  • Hudson Valley Division Meeting – April 20th @ Kent Public Library. Meeting starts at 11am followed by a presentation by Doc Wiseman on “Building and Groundwork scenery”. Bring along any new
    projects you are working on to display.
  • Northeast Large Scale Train Show April 27-28th – Springfield, MA. Big E.
  • Franklin Train Show – May 4th @ Sussex County.
  • Middletown & New Jersey Railway Historical Society Meeting – May 11th @ Maybrook Railroad
  • Hudson Valley Division Meeting – May 11th @ Empire State Railroad Museum. Meeting starts at
    11am. The presentation has not been decided. Bring along any new projects.
  • The 30th National N Scale Convention – June 18-23 – Bethlehem PA
  • Middletown Railroad Day – July 28th. Sponsored by O&WHS. We will have display tables. Limited
    Vendors. They will have an 8mm film showing local railroads (except Lehigh and New England RR
    and O&W).
  • NMRA National Convention August 4-11 – Long Beach, CA.
  • NER Regional Convention September 19-23 – Rochester, NY.

  • Old Business:
  • New Division Banner – National approved the $200 of matching funds. Received a quote of $417 for
    a “Top of the Line” banner from Camelback. Henry will attempt to get a lower price for a less robust
    banner. Doc Wiseman mentioned he has a contact the produces banners. Henry will discuss with
    him about what is available.
  • The club has a module layout that was designed around O&W. The layout is believed to be around 8
    by 16. We would need a trailer to store these module sections and then decide what we would like to do with them. One member stated that he has several box trailers but is concerned about the

  • New Business:
  • Future Meeting Schedule:
    o April 20th: Kent Public Library – Building and Ground work Scenery by Doc Wiseman
    o May 11th: Empire State Railway Museum, Phoenicia, NY – Program TBA
    o June: Hyde Park Trail Station? Concern building not.
    o No meetings are planned for the months of July and August. Perhaps organize a trip?
    o September:
    o October:
    o November:
  • Possible Clinics:
    o Hand Laying Track by Eric Pioselli
    o Spray Painting Brass by John Noll
    o Loads in Gondolas by George Marshall
    o Weathering Rolling Stock by Dennis Colucci (perhaps in May)
    o Review of the MMR requirements
    o Operations at the Kingston Club – O gauge on a week night – Gary Patrik
    o Arduinos for beginners by Henry Kramer (probably need advance signup and purchase a $20 kit.
    Also requires a laptop. Will take an entire day.

  • Future Venues:
  • 1915 Erie station at Chester
  • Piermont station in Rockland County
  • Port Jervis Turntable (perhaps in a railcar)
  • Cochecton RR Station in Sullivan County
  • Suffern Museum

  • Other Items:
  • Expanding Membership – Spread the word.
  • Suggestion was brought up about club trips to local train Museums
    o Danbury
    o Scranton, PA
    o Any other suggestions – please research and send finding to Henry Kramer
  • Meeting closed at 11:02am

  • Scott Myer gave a presentation on Building a Lightweight Module. The presentation was very
    informative and well received.